Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Ending the year with JOY

I've actually finished the patching of Remember 2016 ...

All that remains is to hang it out on the next sunny day to celebrate it in its wholeness. But for now, there's some catching up to do on the final patches.

December 24 Star of wonder

December 28 Centerpiece (I know, I skipped December 25-27, but those were the last patches I made, so I'm saving them for last)

December 29 Wylie words

December 30 What 39 years together looks like

December 31 I did it!

And finally, ending the year with ...

using the last of the pre-made patches which, of course, fit perfectly into the last remaining space.

December 25 The beginning of JOY

December 26 In the midst of JOY

and December 27 Complete JOY

It's been an amazing journey, one filled with laughter and tears, almost 10,000 miles in the air and countless more spent on the road. I learned much and was grateful for the presence of the Kindred Spirits who came by and cheered me on.

There is still backing and stitching to do, but for now I'm calling Remember 2016 done and moving on to Enjoy 2017.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

The end of November

The last three patches of November ...

November 25 Love, peace, hope
in recognition of how torn I felt and how making tiny peace pins helped ...

November 26 Finding a way
for the path leading out to the floodplain ...

and November 27 Reinhorn
Don's remix of Rudolph (the rednose reindeer) and the UT mascot (Beevo the longhorn) ...

December patches for Remember 2016 are nearly done (4 out of 7 completed) and should be appearing here sooner rather than later.

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Passing time

I've been playing with a new format for Land of Flood and Drought - 2017 ...

Each patch is 1" x 1 3/4" so I'll be able to use the linen strips from Remember 2016. And I'm using a combination of Jude's paperless patching and Pojagi seaming, along with split back stitch for the lettering and numbering. When working light floss on dark linen, I also wrap the back stitches for a more solid line.

Since I wanted to record temperature as well as rain this year, I cribbed off the newspaper weather map and came up with a range of colors for each ten degrees:

100+ ... Reds
90s ... Dark oranges
80s ... Light oranges
70s ... Yellows
60s ... Greens
50s ... Blue greens
40s ... Blues
30s ... Purples
20s ... Pinks
<20 ... White

Lucky me ... the first two weeks in January ranged from the teens to the 80s, so I got to use eight of the ten color groups!

So, the top block of each day is the high temperature and the bottom block is the low. Likewise, the top represents the noon to midnight hours for moonrise depictions (since highs normally occur in the afternoon and evening), and the lower block represents midnight to noon (when lows normally occur).

I'll use variations within each color, as with the yellows and blues on the 2nd and the 9th ...

and I'm continuing to record daily rainfall ...

Obviously this piece will be much larger than the 7" x 53" Land of Flood and Drought - 2016. I'm envisioning four blocks of thirteen weeks, each 13.25" x 30" once the black and white edging strips are added. Or not ... I have a habit of changing course as I go.

I'll probably stitch a week's worth at a time and then post the results each Sunday or Monday. I'm looking forward to seeing how the colors warm up as the year progresses while wondering just how many red patches will be needed this summer!

Thursday, January 5, 2017

How it went

The placket cloth is growing ...

and stitch is being added randomly as the spirit moves me ...

We also did some more picture hanging (Don made the small bead board backings) ...

And the view over my ironing board has improved immensely ...

although we really do need to replace those switch plates (which were all labeled by a previous owner).

Company coming is such a great project motivator!

Addendum for Grace: